Group Sessions

OT Skills 4 LIFE offers group opportunities to strengthen social skills and group play. We carefully screen each child when building our groups to ensure their specific needs are met. Groups are available for all age ranges.

Here are some of the group sessions we offer:

Social Skills & Play Groups – These groups focus on the skills needed for social success, play, and relationship-building. The focus will include monitoring personal space, staying with the group, self-regulating body and voice, exercising flexible thinking, working with distractions, sharing, compromising, working as a team, and more. 

Sensory Regulation Groups – Every activity we engage in requires a certain level of regulation. In these groups, children will become familiar with strategies connected to self-regulation. The concepts are presented through age appropriate, fun and interactive activities that support their understanding and use of these strategies. 

Handwriting Groups – Despite the current use of technology, our children still need to learn to write legibly. There are many reasons why children have difficulty with handwriting and we understand the struggle it can be when they develop bad habits early on. Our handwriting groups focus on both print and cursive.

Yoga Groups – Yoga can be beneficial to children as it helps to improve:

  • motor ability

  • balance, endurance, and strength

  • spatial and body awareness

  • flexibility and postural alignment

  • self-confidence and mindfulness

If your child has a particular need which you feel would be best met in a group setting, please contact us to discuss. It is likely other children have the same or similar need and would benefit from an exclusively designed group.