OT Skills 4 LIFE fosters independence, functional skills, and self-reliance for all children. Each session is designed to improve a child’s life skills, academics, and play — while addressing all of your child’s occupational therapy needs. And during the session, your child will have opportunities to experience specifically selected materials and role-play scenarios.

We can help your child in the following areas:

In addition to individual sessions, we offer Group Sessions to improve social skills and group play.


We understand that every child is different. Before we develop a program for your child, we evaluate his or her skill level and determine the best individual treatment approach.  

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Carryover is crucial

As a parent, you are the best source of information about your child. We are always available to communicate with your child’s caregiver or academic team members to make sure he or she’s is getting whatever they need, wherever they are.

Our facility

Through careful consideration, we’ve created different environments to help your child adapt to his or her surroundings.